The 7-1-71 First Day Covers dedicate its services to clients who need a one-stop website for their problems or inquiries. We aim to make you hassle-free with our quick and easy solutions. If you’re in a rush, no problem, if you’re in an emergency situation you can depend on us. Our company is passionate about serving its clients well.   

As a home owner as well and an owner of the company, we all know the importance of have a great foundation to our house including the roof and base. We are here as a company that would be willing to help you with this kind of dilemma and make sure that we’re one of those most affordable service company. We’ll guarantee you of all the documents that we need in building a roof or house and even the permits that you need, we will be the one to work. We have the best architect and service men to help you building your dream house or building and just even a roof renovation that you want to make.  

We also have other services like sprinkler repair, appliances repair and different types of it. We will assure you that our people here well-trained and have undergone series of skills training and enhancement that will testify their ability to work well and give good results. They already passed the skill emanations as well to ensure that they are reliable when it comes to finding the problem and isolating it to solving them all.