Barbecuing and grilling meats are one of the truly great privileges in life. Our ancestors cooked over the open flame out of necessity. However, modern people choose to add layers of salt, char, fire, and smoke because some meals simply deserve it.

A lot of people consider it a ceremonial of gratitude when they’re able to light a fire and cook meals upon it. They’re honoring the time, technique, and ingredients it requires to make it work. It’s a chance to make food special.

If you’re planning to host a barbeque party, then you’ve got to be prepared. Aside from buying the right ingredients from a reliable online BBQ store St Catharines Ontario​, here are several things you should know:

It’s Considered a Bad Move to Press Down on The Burger

You’re frying a burger in its own juices whenever you press on the griddle. However, you’re squeezing out those delicious juices and wasting them if you press on the grill grate. The reason for this is that all those juices will simply fall on the heat under the grill.

It’s All About Balancing Conduction and Convection

There are two ways your meat gets cooked on a grill. First, there’s hot moisture and air that surrounds the food, also known as convection. Second, there’s direct temperature exchange between the surface of the meat and the heated grates, also known as conduction. Knowing that the meat is being transformed by both is the key to balancing great food and crust that gets cooked at the right temperature.

Meat is Safe to Eat at 145°. However, It’s Tastier at 190-200°

Almost every beef and pork cuts utilized for grilling are USDA approved to eat at 145°F. However, these tough cuts actually shine closer to 205°F. At this temperature, the meat fibers and collagen have broken down. This makes the meat a lot more tender.

The Best Way to Light a Charcoal is to use a Chimney Starter

A lot of grilling enthusiasts don’t recommend using lighter fluid when starting a fire. They utilize a chimney starter, airflow, and their brain to get charcoal glowing hot. If you’ve got a kettle grill, then you’ve got to know how to use it with the help of a chimney starter.

Be Cautious of Cross Contamination

You’re probably using a pair of tongs to place the chicken on the grates, right? Well, you shouldn’t utilize the same pair to remove the chicken from the grill. You need to have two sets of pans, plates, tongs, and much more on hand for post- and pre-cooked goods. If you don’t have extra sets, make sure you thoroughly scrub them with water and soap before utilizing them again.

Flames Don’t Make Your Food Taste Great

Smoke and heat make your food taste great. Keep in mind that you aren’t flame broiling the meat, you’re burning it. If you grill over orange flames, you’re creating acrid and unpleasant flavors. Thus, you should have on hand a spray bottle to get rid of the fire. Always grill on glowing charcoal.